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ACRYLICS by ICECOLD is the start of a global exploration through the vibrant world of nail artistry. Using captivating visuals and intimate storytelling, this book dives into the dynamic history of nail art. The first volume of ACRYLICS unveils the intricate evolution of nail art in American history, shaped by the creative foundations laid by Asian immigrants and Black Americans. With a foreword from Alex Fox, Co-founder of Scratch magazine and Global Director of Nailympia Competition - ACRYLICS provides insight from a global trailblazer and advocate for the nail art community.

Through present-day nail tales, ICECOLD introduces a diverse array of contemporary nail artists, including Melissa Samuel-@finesseyourclaws,Parvee Perry -@parveestudios,Alexis Auer-@finger_paints_nailartLesly Arrañaga-@leslydidthem,Stephanie Aoko-@studioaoko,Jalen Dominique-@gawdsunn,Momoka Takahashimo_mo_ka1994,Sky Somalia-@skyynailsintl,Aja Walton-@ajackdanie,Marbles Valdez-@ibedoingnails.each bringing unique perspectives and creative processes.

Thirty-five percent of all book sales contribute directly to the featured nail artists and production personnel, providing tangible support for their craft and dedication.

Pre-order ships May 20, 2024